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Welcome to the SnowCap Storage Size Guide! We understand that choosing the right storage unit size can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide to assist you in making the right decision. Please note that these are approximate sizes and the actual dimensions of the storage units may vary slightly.

5×8 ft – Drive Up Swing Door 

Perfect for small items, personal belongings, and a few boxes. Ideal for seasonal items or personal records.

8×10 ft – Drive Up Swing Door 

Suitable for the contents of a small studio or one-bedroom apartment, including boxes, small furniture, and appliances.

10×14 ft – Drive Up / Roll Up Door 

Great for a one or two-bedroom apartment, with furniture, appliances, and several boxes. Can also store small sports equipment.

10×15 ft – Drive Up / Roll Up Door 

Ideal for a two or three-bedroom apartment or small house, including furniture, appliances, and numerous boxes.

10×20 ft – Drive Up / Roll Up Door 

Perfect for a three or four-bedroom house, with large furniture, appliances, and many boxes. Can also store vehicles like cars or small trucks.

10×25 ft – Drive Up / Roll Up Door 

Best suited for a four or five-bedroom house, including all furniture, appliances, and a large number of boxes. Can store larger vehicles like boats or RVs.

12×25 ft – Open Parking 

Suitable for parking vehicles such as cars, boats, or small RVs in an open space..

12×32 ft – Open Parking 

Ideal for parking larger vehicles like boats, trailers, or RVs in an open space.

12×40 ft – Open Parking 

Perfect for parking extra-large vehicles or multiple smaller vehicles in an open space.

12×36 ft – Covered Parking 

Great for protecting vehicles like cars, boats, or RVs from the elements in a covered parking space..